Media Relations

It can be daunting if you have never dealt with the media before, so let us take that stress away, and take advantage of the strong relationships we have built with the media.

Bounce PR can help with media relations, whether that be traditional print media, online, social media, television or radio. You could be the next news story with our help and guidance.

Having had direct experience within the media, we know what editors are looking for, and this is reflected in our extremely high success rate of securing media content for our clients.

To find out more about how we can help boost your presence in the media in a cost efficient manner, contact us.


How many of us skim read articles until something catches our eye, then go back to find out more? This is the result of good copywriting, to be able to catch the reader's eye and grab their attention.

Mixing you key messages with interesting copy will make a reader take interest in what you have to say, and spark conversation.

Bounce PR can help with general copywriting enquiries for editorials, advertorials and adverts, as well as websites, newsletter and internal communications.

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Press office

Every world leading brand uses PR as part of its overall marketing strategy and business plan, but not everyone can afford to employ a full time PR expert.

Bounce PR offers to outsource their PR expertise and to support clients in whatever capacity they require. This could be for a few hours a month, or days or weeks, and can be flexible as to what projects are on the go.

Bounce PR can be on hand to take calls from the media and advertisers, help keep your PR plan on track, deal with any emerging news stories that need to be fed to the media, and be on hand to run ideas past, or deal with any crises management for the media.

To find out more about our tailored packages that are designed to fit into your budget, please contact us.

Crisis Management and Brand Reputation

In an ideal world the word 'crisis' would not exist, but unfortunately it does, and you need to be prepared to deal with the media should you find yourself in a crisis situation.

Bounce PR can help devise a crisis management strategy for you, outlining who should be put forwards as the spokesperson, or for Bounce PR to do this on your behalf.

Many celebrities and businesses have had their reputation and brand damaged by not being prepared or having the knowledge of how to deal with the media in a crisis. This can be anything from an accident, a fatality, rumours, having to recall products, canceling of events, or any other negative effect.

Bounce PR can be on hand to help deal with a crisis in a positive way that doesn't leave a bad taste in the mouth, and protects your reputation in the long term.

As we are all well aware, these events can occur at any time, and Bounce PR offers 24 hour availability for such events, seven days a week.

Contact us to discuss what we can put in place to help you deal with a crisis and protect your reputation and brand.