Digital PR

Social Media

The buzzword and trend at the moment, 'social media', is not disappearing.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare...the list is endless and continues to grow. Most of us know how these sites work, but are you using them effectively to give increased value to your brand?

The PR world is embracing social media tools as an extra benefit to PR, and you should be doing the same.

In simple terms, your social media strategy and PR strategy should run alongside each other, keeping them both focused and newsworthy. Your social media updates should be the essence of anything distributed as part of your PR strategy.

Bounce can help you develop a strategy for social media, ensuring the right messages are conveyed, and helping to increase your followers and fans.

Contact us for more information either here or on Twitter or Facebook, as to how we can help you make the most of social media.