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Kazuba UK


Kazuba UK is the supplier of a free standing environmentally friendly free standing toilet system, and when they approached Bounce they were a relatively new company that wanted the benefit of some media exposure and brand awareness.


With Kazuba UK being a new business, Bounce distributed an initial press release to a targeted media list of national and regional media introducing the brand. This outlined what the brand was about and the products they offered, along with their green ethos of business. After this had been distributed, requests came from the media for further information and case studies as to where the products had been installed.

Case studies were put together for areas that had installed Kazuba UK products. Bounce undertook telephone interviews with Kazuba UK's clients on their behalf, finding out the relevant information, and this was sent to the media with accompanying images.

Bounce was able to help place Kazuba UK as a successful new business in its industry sector with the PR campaign and brand awareness initiatives.

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