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Bounce was approached by Jocastas Group after a particularly bad winter that had damaged their fixed marquee where events were held. Jocastas had heard rumours from clients that they were deemed bankrupt after the damage, and were cancelling all events booked with no financial refund. Jocastas Group engaged Bounce to dispel the rumours and undertake a crisis management programme.


In any crisis situation, the issue has to be addressed quickly and effectively. Bounce asked for a breakdown of what the rumours were, and undertook some quick research into where they had come from and why.

Bounce then approached the regional media affected by the rumours, and issued a statement to them all explaining the situation of the Jocastas Group, and how this affected current bookings and future bookings. This included a statement from the MD and Health and Safety Director of the Jocastas Group, assuring clients of the professionalism of the company, and that everyone would be satisfied.

With time being of the essence, Bounce managed to turn this round in 24 hours, and satisfied the media's mind about the potential crisis that the Jocastas Group faced.

Jocastas Group's reputation was saved from the quick action taken by them to employ our services to handle the situation on their behalf. They were able to take advantage of the relationships we have built up with the media, making them more accessible to us to talk to on an even level, and to clearly explain and define what was happening with the company.

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