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Ideafuel approached Bounce with an idea for an April Fool's PR stunt that they wanted to go viral, and they required help with media contacts to be able to achieve this.


Once the April Fool's stunt had been confirmed, a lot of planning had to be done in advance to ensure that the April Fool hit the media at the right time. With April Fool's Day traditionally spanning just the morning of the 1st of April, the campaign had to be watertight and delivered effectively, which meant that all the preparation had to be done well in advance of the date.

On the morning of 1st April, we started work a lot earlier than normal to be able to fulfill the requirements of the spoof, and this certainly paid off, as later that afternoon we received a request from Singapore for a sample of the spoof product. This proved the effectiveness of the delivery of the viral PR stunt, and that it very quickly reached the other side of the world.

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