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ChristmasTimeUK is the UK's largest national supplier of everything to do with Christmas, and they wanted to undertake a full PR campaign to help increase their client database and to obtain more column inches. They asked us to undertake their media relations for the Christmas period that started in the summer.


With the long lead times in the media for Christmas, Bounce had to put together a detailed PR programme for this project starting in the July. After discussion with the client, Bounce pulled together themes for Christmas, placing ChristmasTimeUK as the trend setter and expert in the field of Christmas decorations.

Press releases were sent to a detailed national media list that included consumer and business led publications, online sites, blogs and television programmes, outlining the trending themes for Christmas and what services ChristmasTimeUK offered, placing them as the lead supplier.

Numerous requests were received for photoshoots and product information that we co-ordinated with the client, defining what products were to be sent and returned.

A brand awareness campaign was also undertaken, including product placement, which was dealt with by either sending products to the publication, or distributing quality hi-res images.

The campaign was deemed a huge success, with the mainstream national titles including products from ChristmasTimeUK in their features, as well as television programmes such as Kirsty's Homemade Christmas picking up on the products and using them in their shoots.

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