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2i Research is a market research company, and they developed a national graduate survey to find out what graduates really thought about their jobs. They approached Bounce to undertake a complete national media campaign, circulating the survey around the national media and creating awareness to encourage more participants.


In order to understand the survey and find out exactly how long it would take to complete, we took part ourselves and answered the questions. Once this was determined, and it was established that it was a straightforwards survey, we were in a better informed position to start the media campaign.

A complete media list was pulled together which included national print and online media, television and radio, as well as social media.

A press release was drafted out explaining the reasons behind the survey, and attributing it to 2i Research, as a professional market research and consultancy firm.

Once the media list and initial press release were approved, Bounce started contacting the media, sending them information about the national graduate survey. This was received well by the education and business editors of national publications, and it also led to 2i Research being asked to be a panelist on the graduate edition of The Guardian's Q & A session, placing them as an expert in their field.

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